Sharp Thai Co.,Ltd. is a distributor product under brand “Sharp”. The company is formed from the business joint venture between 3 parties, Sharp Group holds 50% share and Bangkok Trading Co., Ltd. and Thai City Electric Co., Ltd. Group hold 25% share each. That is combining Audio&Visual products, Office Automation products, Digital multi functional Copiers/printers and Solar module which originally Sharp Thebnakorn Co., Ltd. was the distributor and Home Appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, air purifier, microwave oven and healsio which formerly Thai City Electric Co., Ltd. was the distributor

    This business joint venture aims to business plan and marketing plan be united worldwide in order to strengthen its brand and raising efficiency in expanding Sharp electronics product in Thailand. And under the management of managing team who has excessive experience and abilities including the support from Sharp Corporation, the parent company, Sharp Appliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Sharp Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which are the manufacturers of Sharp product, we are confident that Sharp will be able to response satisfy client’s need fully by creating unique innovation products for highly utilization with users friendly, energy saving and environmental friendly