• Multifunctional Copier

    Q : How does one check the usage meter on a Multifunction Product?

    A :  This differs from one model to the next. We usually receive inquiries about models such as MX-M452N, MX-M453N, MX-M623U, MX-2010U and those models with the MX prefix. The process is the same for these models –you press and hold the “Copy” button. For AR-5618, AR-5620, AR-5623D press and hold the “0” button instead.The usage meter will show on the display panel.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : How and from where can one download the driver for a Multifunction Product?

    A :  Customers can download the driver conveniently from http:// support.sharp.net.au. Click “Software & Driver” to find the desired model.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : Does Sharp charge delivery and installation fee for toners?

    A :  The service is provided free of charge if toners are purchased directly from Sharp Thai Co., Ltd.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : What is the meaning of the error code “H4”?

    A :  “H4” indicates that the machine is experiencing difficulty with the heater. You can resolve this by pressing “c”, followed by “Interrupt”, “0” and “Interrupt.” Once the panel is cleared, press the number “14” and the “Start.” The machine will warm up and be ready for use once again. If this fails to correct the problem for you, please contact us so our technician can inspect the original feeding tube and determine the actual cause of the problem.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : How does one correct a paper jam?

    A :  Check the screen first to see at which part of the machine the paper has jammed. If it is in the bypass section, open the front and side covers to remove the paper. However, if small bits of paper are noticed, do not attempt to fix it on your own as you may break the paper separator. Please contact us for a technician to be dispatched. Be careful not to wear jewelry on your hand or wrist as you manipulate the machine. As well, do not try to remove jammed paper with a screwdriver or a paper cutter as you may damage the internal parts of the machine.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : Multifunction Product are lined? What is the first thing I can do to fix this?

    A :  The initial presumption is depleted toner or liquid appear on the glass.

    1.1 If you are making a photocopy using the flatbed and the line appears at the same position, clean the large glass plate with a glass liquid cleaner or a dry cloth.

    1.2 If you are making a photocopy using the upper feeder and the line appears at the same position, clean the small window to your left by first lifting the cover up and wipe with a glass liquid cleaner or a dry cloth.

    Should the above suggestions fail to resolve the problem for you, please contact us for a technician to inspect the machine.

  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : There is a symbol shown “8” or a “lightning bolt” on the screen. What does it mean?

    A :  That symbol suggests that a piece of paper may be jammed at a certain spot inside of the machine or that the paper checking sensor is malfunctioning. You can open the front and the side trays first to see and remove any jammed paper.

    Should the symbol continue to show, please ask for a technician to inspect the machine.

  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : The Multifunction Product shows “CH” symbol. What does it mean?

    A :  A cover is not completely closed. Please check the front and the side cover.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : The machine does not print or copy. What do I do?

    A :  Please have a look at the screen first to see if a triangle symbol is shown. That symbol suggests that the toner powder is depleted. It can be a reason why the machine does not work.
  • Multifunctional Copier

    Q : The Multifunction Product makes loud noises or takes too long too warm. The start button or one of the other buttons does not work.

    A :  These conditions suggest that the toner powder is depleted. Please replace.

      Q : The DVD player is connected to the LCD television via the HDMI port. There is visual but no audio.

      A :  Access the “Option” menu. Select “HDMI Setup”, “Audio Select” and choose “Digital.”

      Q : There is no visual after the user has manually tuned the channels by inputting frequency.

      A :  In the “Colour system” setting, choose “Auto” and set “Sound system” to “B/G.”

      Q : What is the intended use of the different AV modes?

      A :  STANDARD: Sharp images for normal viewing environment
      MOVIE: Movie viewing
      GAME: Lower brightness for viewing comfort
      USER: User defined preferences for each channel
      DYNAMIC: High contrast images for sports programs

      Q : Is it possible to force an AV mode for a particular input?

      A :  Yes. You can set “Standard” for “TV” and “Dynamic” for “VIDEO”, for example.

      Q : The machine shuts down after two hours of use. It can be turned back on, however. Is it damaged in any way?

      A :  That is a normal occurrence as the machine has been set to be on energy conservation where it shuts down after two hours of receiving the last instruction. You can turn this function off by going into the “Option” menu. Find “Power ControlNo” and “Operation Off” then choose “Disable.”

      Q : What kind of signal is HDTV?

      A :  HDTV is a digital television broadcast system with higher resolution of 1,080 lines, as opposed to the 720 lines resolution of the regular system.

      Q : What is the meaning of native contrast ratio?

      A :  Native contrast ratio refers to the contrast ratio where images are displayed with greatest vibrancy and dimension. This is the ratio where true white and black are achieved, even in a brightly lit room.
    • Air Conditioner

      Q : Choosing the right size of air conditioner for the room

      A :  This depends on the size of the room in square meters (width x length), how the furniture is laid out in the room and how it is touched by the sunlight. A simple rule is to have 700 BTU per square meter on the lower floor and 750 BTU per square meter on the upper floor.
    • Air Conditioner

      Q : Setting temperature for maximum energy efficiency

      A :  It is recommended that temperature be set to 25?C as it is optimal for the body and the service life of the air conditioner itself. You can save about 10% of electricity with every one degree of warmer temperature. Fan speed has little to do with electricity cost. The air filters should be cleaned every two weeks as per the instruction found in the user manual. Air conditioners should be serviced by technicians twice a year or every six months.
    • Air Conditioner

      Q : Most effective installation of an air conditioner

      A :  1. Choose an air conditioner of the size most appropriate to the room space.
      2. The indoor unit should be installed at the location where it can disperse cool air along the length of the room for maximum distribution. The outdoor unit should be installed where it is not in direct contact with the sunlight. The refrigerant pipe between the two units should not be longer than five meters as the efficiency may drop from that length on.
      • Air Conditioner

        Q : How does the inverter system work in Sharp air conditioners?

        A :  The inverter system changes the frequency of electrical pressure to a higher or lower hertz. This, in turn, increases or decreases the round-per-minute speed of the compressor in accordance with the changing temperature. That is, when the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor will speed up to the maximum BTU in order to bring the room temperature down 30% more quickly than regular systems. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the compressor will gradually slow down to the lowest BTU in order to maintain the temperature at the desired level. In this configuration, the compressor works continuously and offers a number of benefits as follows:
        - Quicker cooling: The compressor is 30% more efficient at lowering temperature to the desired level, compared to regular systems
        - Superior energy conservation: As the compressor is designed to work continuously without intermittent stopping and starting, as much as 30% energy is conserved in actual operation.
        - Greater comfort: Temperature is consistently maintained by the compressor, resulting in minimal temperature fluctuation of +/- 0.2?C and greater comfort throughout.
        - Silent operation: Inverter system air conditioner does not generate the disturbing starting and stopping noises like regular air conditioners.
      • Air Conditioner

        Q : The remote control does not work.

        A :  Try changing both batteries if the display panel on the remote control does not show the result of your command. If it does not work still, please bring the remote control to the headquarters for an inspection.
      • Air Conditioner

        Q : The air conditioner does not offer coolness effectively.

        A :  There are several reasons why air conditioner does not perform at its best.
        1. A wrong mode is set on the remote control. Please check to see the mode indicated on the remote control. The correct mode for cooling is “COOL.” It is represented by the “*” symbol. Further, by setting the temperature to 24-26?C, you will be able to conserve energy in a way. You may, however, set a lower temperature if you still feel that it is too warm.
        2. There is not enough refrigerant. Check to see if there is any leakage which must be fixed by a technician before refilling the refrigerant.
        3. Improper placement of the air conditioner. The machine should be installed at a location where it can disperse cool air along the length of the room. Do not place a cabinet or a television in such a way that it blocks the airflow from the air conditioner. The air conditioner will cut off more quickly if it senses the return airflow too soon.
        4. Clean the air filters regularly so that there will be no dust blocking the airflow.
      • Air Purifier

        Q : Maintenance of Sharp air purifiers

        A :  The machine and its air filters (HEPA dust filter and carbon odor filter) should be cleaned regularly as advised in the user manual for the specific models. Air filters must be replaced at the suggested intervals, depending on each product model.
      • Air Purifier

        Q : Air filters of Sharp air purifiers have a longer service life than competitive products.

        A :  Service life of air filters are tested in accordance with the JEM (Japan Electrical Manufacturer) standard. This is the same for all Japanese brands. Ours offer longer service life than our competitors because of the Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifying system where positive and negative electrical particles are dispersed to help kill the germs outside of the system. Therefore, only clean air is consumed into the machine where the filters help to remove any dust or odor in it. This is the reason why our air filters can be used for longer.
      • Air Purifier

        Q : Using Sharp air purifiers most effectively

        A :  We recommend the use of the dark blue-blue “clean mode (+ - + - )” for your clean air.
      • Microwave oven

        Q : Choosing a Sharp microwave oven

        A :  Sharp microwave ovens can be classified into four categories.
        - Light-up Dial models: A combination of digital and analog systems, Light-up dial models offer knob controls and same operation across the models. The difference is in their maximum cooking time. This is indicated by the color of sticker on it.
        - Digital Picture models: These touch operated models have pictograms for quick and convenient automatic operation. All models operate with a microwave system.
        - Perfection models: Microwave ovens of the 3-plus-1 system with microwave, roasting, grilling and hybrid operation where the microwave and roasting systems or the microwave and the grilling systems are used in combination. They can be used to make bakery, pies, cookies, pizza (with the roasting operation) and grilled meat (with the grilling operation).
        - Magic Grill models: Magic Grill models are of the 2-plus-1 system with microwave, grilling and hybrid operation where the microwave and the grilling systems are used in combination to help cook both the inside and the outside of a large piece of meat.
      • Microwave oven

        Q : Cooking to perfection with a microwave oven

        A :  Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency as high as 2,450 million cycles per second. This wave passes through food, costing the molecule of water in food to vibrate at high frequency, there by generating the heat that cooks the food.
      • Microwave oven

        Q : Microwave cooking secrets

        A :  You should pay attention to the following details.
        - Cooking time is dependent upon the quantity of food. The more the food, the longer the time needed.
        - With a large piece of food or food in large quantity, try turning or stirring the food once in a while to ensure the food is cooked properly and thoroughly.
        - Smaller pieces of food should be placed in the center while the larger ones should be restricted to the rim of the plate.
        - If you want food to be dry and crispy, do not cover or put the lid on the container. If you want food to be moist, cover the container.
      • Microwave oven

        Q : Suitable containers for the microwave

        A :  Heat resistant glassware, porcelain containers and heat resistant plastic containers for microwave use
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Containers to avoid when using microwave

          A :  The use of the following containers is prohibited. - All types of metallic containers - Containers with silver or golden rings or those containing metallic elements. In the case of multi-system microwave ovens, these containers can be used with grilling, roasting and hybrid operations only. - Crystal glasses and non-heat resistant glasses - All non-heat resistant plastic containers
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Cleaning the microwave oven

          A :  The instruction is as follows.
          1. Outside
          - Use soap water, warm water and then wipe the stains off using a piece of damp cloth.
          2. Inside
          - Heat a damp towel in the microwave with heat set to “HIGH” for 30 seconds. Once done, use that towel to wipe the inside of the oven. The heat on the towel will make it easier for you to remove food and fat stains. Wipe again with a piece of dry cloth. However, if the stains are thick and persistent, damp a towel in a solution of water and dishwashing agent first. Wipe again with a piece of dry cloth. This simple process will restore your microwave to the clean, pristine condition.
          3. Rotary plate
          - Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe off food stains. Alternatively, you can remove the tray to clean it outside.
          4. Oven floor (underneath the rotary plate)
          - Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe off food stains. Be careful not to allow water to drip into the recesses underneath the rotary plate.
          Tips: It is best to clean the food stain on the oven walls every time after use.
          Prohibition: Do not use any kind of polishing or cleansing agent other than dishwashing agent to clean the inside and the outside of the oven.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Removing remaining odor from the microwave oven

          A :  Boil one cup of water with tea leaves in the microwave oven with the heat set to “HIGH” for one to two minutes. Once that is done, leave the container in the oven for about ten minutes so the tea leaves can help remove the odor. Use a piece of dry cloth to wipe the inside of the oven clean of the steam.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Defrosting frozen food with the microwave oven

          A :  It is recommended that you envelop the frozen food with a plastic wrap before putting it into the microwave oven.
          1. Place the wrapped food in the oven.
          2. Set the heat to “medium low 30%.” The duration is determined by the weight of the food as specified in the manual.
          3. Once the ice is partially molten, remove the plastic wrap from the food.
          4. Place the food on a plate. Cover only the top with a plastic wrap.
          5. Continue to microwave the food until ice is completely molten.
          Tip: In the case where the food item is a large piece of meat, try slicing it into pieces of the same size before freezing for ease of defrosting.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Sharp Light-up Dial microwave oven has food in it. It is plugged in but it does not work.

          A :  You need to plug in first. Some models refuse to work if you put food in and close the door before plugging in. Try opening and closing the door again before giving the machine its instruction.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Cooking boiled eggs, fried eggs and poached eggs with a microwave oven

          A :  Boiled eggs
          Wrap the eggs with a piece of foil paper with the shiny side inside. Place in a glass bowl with a diameter of approximately five inches. Pour in an amount of water. Close the lid. Put the bowl in the microwave oven and set the heat to “HIGH” for five to six minutes. Once done, remove from the oven and leave the eggs rest for about five minutes so that they will be better cooked.
          Fried eggs
          Knock the eggs into a small cup whose bottom is coated with water or vegetable oil. Put the cup into the microwave oven and set the heat to “MEDIUM” for 40 to 50 seconds.
          Poached eggs
          Knock the eggs into a small, tall vessel. Put it into the microwave oven and set the heat to “HIGH” for 20 seconds.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Increasing the volume of squeezed juice

          A :  It is possible to squeeze more juice out of lime and orange with the help of a microwave oven. Put five fruits into the microwave oven and set the heat to “HIGH” for 30 seconds before squeezing. That is all you need to do in order to get more juice from the same number of fruits.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Frying dried items with a microwave oven

          A :  You can fry dried items such as dried shrimps, dried squids and dried small fish. Place the food in a container, add a little oil just to coat the food then mix well. Put the container into the microwave oven without covering it. Set the heat to “HIGH” for one to two minutes.
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Suitable heat level for each type of cooking

          A :  There are five heat levels in the microwave ovens.
          • HIGH 100 % for general cooking
          • MED HIGH 70% for roasting
          • MED 50% for double boiling and simmering
          • MED LOW 30% for defrosting frozen food
          • LOW 10% for warming ginseng, bird’s nest and milk
        • Microwave oven

          Q : Can the rusting inside of the microwave oven be fixed? If not, is it dangerous?

          A :  As long as the metal is not punctured, you can try rubbing the rust out using sandpaper. Wipe clean and spray white coat lightly two or three times over the area. In the case where the oven is sent to us or a repair center, there will be no praying of paint but the inside frame of the oven will be replaced. If left unrepaired, the magnetron can be damaged from the reflected heat, resulting in it being inoperable.
          • Microwave oven

            Q : What are the advantages of microwave cooking over conventional cooking?

            A :  Microwave cooking preserves more nutrition for the consumers. You can boil vegetables with a microwave oven by cleaning the greens, placing them in a closed container or a heat-resistant plastic bag without adding water. Put it in the microwave oven and set the heat to “HIGH” for one to two minutes, depending on the type and the size of the vegetable. By boiling vegetable in the microwave oven, the vitamins and the nutrients inside will be preserved. The vegetables will also retain better colors as well, compared to conventional boiling of vegetables where nutrients are lost in the drained water.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Recommendations for new refrigerator buyers

            A :  1. Set the refrigerator straight for two to three hours without plugging it in. This is to return the refrigerant to its normal state.
            2. Plug the refrigerator in but do not put any item in at this time. Set the temperature to “MAX” or “Coldest” for four to five hours in order to bring the temperature down first.
            3. After that, put items into the refrigerator and set the temperature from “MAX” to “MED.”
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Installation tips

            A :  1. Place the refrigerator where ventilation is good. There must be a minimum space of six centimeters from the wall and nine centimeters from the ceiling. In the case of smaller clearance, cooling and energy efficiency will drop.
            2. Adjust the front of legs of the refrigerator for level and balance. You can check if the unit is level by half opening the door. If it can close back, the unit is level.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Refrigerator walls are hot.

            A :  This is normal as most newer refrigerators are designed to have the heat sinks in the wall while older refrigerators have release the heat from the grates at the back of the unit.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : How does the plasma cluster work in Sharp No-Frost refrigerators?

            A :  The electric particle generator inside of the machine releases positive and negative electrical charges with the airflow. These particles will be distributed inside of the refrigerator to help kill moulds and bacteria in the air which are the cause of foul food and odor, keeping the food fresh. When you plug the refrigerator in for the first time, the blue plasma cluster symbol will light up automatically (plasma cluster system functional). If the button on the display panel is pressed, the blue symbol will go out and the plasma cluster system will cease to function.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Why is there ice on the inner surface of the freeze box?

            A :  You must first determine what kind of ice it is that you see. 1. Ice formed from water spilling on the freeze box floor will not be defrosted unless the plug is pulled.
            2. Snowy ice from contact of vapor with coldness inside the freeze box from the following causes:
            2.1 Items are placed in such a manner that airflow is blocked.
            2.2 The rubber seal of the refrigerator is not intact.
            2.3 Water-based items are frozen without a lid on, resulting in vaporization.
            2.4 There is a damage to an electrical component.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Is it possible to replace the light bulb inside of the refrigerator on one’s own?

            A :  Yes. You may replace the light bulb on your own but only after removing the plug. However, the bulbs sold in the general market will not last long as they are not built for colder temperature. Dedicated light bulbs for each model of Sharp refrigerator are recommended.
          • Refrigerator

            Q : Correct cleaning of refrigerator

            A :  1. Remove items from the refrigerator to clean it with towel and a mixture of warm water and cleansing agent. Wipe again with dry cloth. Certain brands of cleansing agents may react against plastic elements inside of the refrigerator, causing them to crack. It is better to use a dishwashing agent instead.
            2. Clean the inside with towel and a mixture of warm water and cleansing agent. Wipe off with cool water.
            3. Always wipe off the stains on the outside of the refrigerator.
            4. Use a toothbrush with warm water and cleansing agent to clean the rubber seal on the door.
            5. Clean the drainage tray as well when moving or cleaning the refrigerator.
          • Multifunctional Copier

            Q : What is the meaning of the triangular or cylindrical symbol on the panel ?

            A :  The triangular symbol indicates that the machine has run out of ink. The cylindrical symbol suggests that a part has expired such as drum, toner and ink rubber. You may also notice other symbols such as the sun and the technician. These may appear as well when an item has expired.